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December 25th, 2007

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04:43 pm - Secret Boyfriend
What makes me happy? Secet Boyfriends. That's right, I am joyus whenever I follow the fellows around  for weeks, find out their names and then create a huge fake emotional scene during th breakup. So I feel like I should spread the love. 

My friend Kaitlyn (piperdoodles) and I created this community based around the game "Secret Boyfriend."  It's a brilliant game and just generally tons of fun. The rules are posted under the cut, read them and start playing!!!

So if you're interested, join and share it with your friends! Thanks so much everyone! Just go to secret_bfand join!  And, this game can be subsituted to be "Secret Girlfriend" if you wish! :) Enjoy everyone!!!! <3

The premise is a) pick a boy b) declare him your secret boyfriend and c) break up with him. The rules are as follows:

Choosing Your Boyfriend:
1. You must see him around.
2. You must not know his name.
3. You must not speak to him.

During Your Relationship:
1. Point him out to everyone you know.
2. Gush about him to your friends.
3. Learn everything you can about him without learning his name.

The Break-Up:
1. The break-up occurs under the following conditions:
a. You learn his name.
b. You must speak to him.
c. You see him flirting with another girl.
2. While breaking up:
a. He must not know it's a game.
b. You may cry/yell/make a scene (optional).

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